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About Me



Ellie here! I am the owner of the one man show that is Black Bear Bakery. Originally from a small town in Virginia, I moved to Texas to pursue my passion of becoming a zookeeper. A few years into my journey and I landed my dream job as a keeper of otters, wolves, and (you probably guessed it) black bears.

A few years into my keeping career, I began baking on my days off. I come from a family of exceptional bakers (who know the importance of massive amounts of butter) and have been baking as a hobby for as long as I can remember.

Things began to grow and I slowly started baking for profit. The business continued to grow and Black Bear Bakery was born! In October of 2018, I jumped all in t0 the business and am committed to making Black Bear Bakery a pillar of the Fort Worth community.

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